Guide Install XBOX (Games, DLC, …)

1. Install XexMenu - JTAG/RGH
Episode 1 of this updated series on how to setup your RGH fully so that you can get the best use out of your new Jtag/RGH console. In this episode we install XexMenu a homebrew file manager which should be the number one app to install first of all.
XexMenu 1.2: DownloadMirror

2. Install Dashlaunch - JTAG/RGH
Dashlaunch gives you your master settings for your console. Things like live block to prevent the console connecting to Xbox Live unprotected and ping patch to allow you to connect to other online services. Dashlaunch also Includes the ability to add plugins for mod menu’s, bypasses and mod tools, plus allows you to change what application you boot into when the console is turned on.
Dashlaunch : DownloadMirror

3. Install Aurora (Custom Dashboard) - JTAG/RGH
How to install the Aurora dashboard on a Jtag/RGH Xbox 360. Aurora gives you a great looking interface and fast access to your games and homebrew applications. Along with the ability to automatically download game covers from xboxunity and title updates for your installed games.
Aurora: DownloadMirror

4. Install Games - JTAG/RGH
How to install games on your jtag/RGH Xbox 360 and get title updates for the games using Aurora.
360MP: DownloadMirror (Guide)
Eagle Get: Download

5. Install DLC - JTAG/RGH
How to install DLC for your games on a Jtag/RGH Xbox 360.
XM360: DownloadMirror (Guide)

6. Install Copy Game Discs to the Hard Drive - JTAG/RGH
How to copy game discs to the hard drive so that you can run them without the disc and modify the game files to add mod menu’s.

7. Install Xbox 360 Neighborhood - JTAG/RGH
How to copy game discs to the hard drive so that you can run them without the disc and modify the game files to add mod menu’s.
Xbox SDK: DownloadMirror
Xbdm.xex plugin: Download

8. Updating The Dashboard - JTAG/RGH
Full guide on how to update your consoles dashboard to the latest version. This is a critical step that must be done before going online as updating directly from Xbox Live could break your Jtag/RGH console.
XeBuild GUI (17511): Download
Simple 360 Nand Flasher: Download (Guide)
Xbox Update for Avatar Assets: Download (Make Sure you update with XeBuild Before Doing The Update!)

9. Install How to get on Xbox Live - JTAG/RGH
Full guide on how to safely get your jtag/RGH console on Xbox Live without getting banned. Plus discussion on stealth servers, KV’s and offline files.
XbOnline: Download
Ninja: Download
Get KV’s from: Download
HxD: Download (for creating the CPUKey.bin)

10. How to use RTE Mod Tools - JTAG/RGH
11. Install Call of Duty Mod Menu's - JTAG/RGH
How to install Call of Duty mod menu’s for most of the call of duty games on a Jtag/RGH console.